Is Hip Hop Intentionally being dumbed down? Check out what rapper Scarface

Is Hip Hop Intentionally being dumbed down? 

Check out what rapper  Scarface ( of Geto Boys) has to say about our beloved art form.

Hip Hop, is being dumbed down by those with power.

“I be looking at shit like a conspiracy…That’s the way I feel about music, man,” Scarface said. “You know what I mean? I feel like the powers that be are intentionally dumbing down our craft, man. I feel like they dumbing us down. Because the dumbest shit I ever heard is on the radio right now.”

He further elaborated on his conspiracy theory as he commented on “urban Hip Hop” versus “suburban Hip Hop,” and spoke on how “dumb” Hip Hop has become. Scarface later suggested that the powers that be are dumbing down the genre because it was becoming too great.

“To paint the picture that I’m trying to paint to you guys is it seems like all our shit is sounding really stupid and really, really dumb. Really, really corny,” the Texas rapper said. “And then, you know, you got the other shit that sounds really, really [great]…I wanna say this shit as diplomatic and as responsible as I can…When urban Hip Hop sounds like this and suburban Hip Hop sounds like that, I kinda feel fucked up. You know? It’s like our shit fucked up and the powers that be pour salt on the wound…I don’t even look at it as a threat or it being too fucking powerful. I just look it as being too fucking great.”

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