The Rush Blog Interviews Matthew C Martino

The Rush Blog Interviews
Matthew C Martino

   1. What sparked your interest in writing and film?

Well I always thought I would be good pretending to be someone else so I just jumped into it, began doing a few walk on roles then I briefly acted before moving onto my producing and writing.

   2. Who were some of your influences?

My influences include Sir Alan Sugar on the more business front; he has done well for himself. In the film trade I look up to Ridley Scott. He has enjoyed years of producing and directing and he still hasn’t left the industry which to me is very good.

     3.If you had to describe your producing style what would it be?

My producing style is more corporate and finance based as I often tend to spearhead the financing and distribution in most films I work on. I do occasionally give a creative input.
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   4. If you had to describe your writing style what 
would it be?

My writing style is quite mystery filled and I always like to creatively confuse the readers, with most of my scripts Ive written I really approach them from a secretive point of view where I don’t give too much away which keeps it interesting.

      5.Who are some people you would like to work with in the literally community, Hollywood or other?

I would ideally want to work with Richard Curtis, he hasn’t directed too many films but the few he has done have been amazing. About Time in particular was a directing genius.

      6.Who have you had the pleasure of working with thus far?

Ive worked with some great including Josh Gad (She Wants Me), Adi Alfa (Ortega and His Enemies) and Ewen Macintosh (The Onlooker).

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     7. What is the contrast between film/film making in Africa and the UK?

In Africa I think making a film has more to do with performance and making sure the actors over deliver in some cases whereas in the UK it starts leaning towards getting your production values high and having good locations and great props.

      8.Do you have any projects you’re promoting 
right now?

At the moment I haven’t, I'm still on a break from my film duties but I’ve been promoting my books 
Lets Fly and Go For It.

     9.What is the 5 year plan? What is the future for
 Matthew C. Martino?

 Hmmmm, 5 year plan is still looking shaky at the moment but I think it will involve some worldwide traveling. I would like to shoot a film in the air as I have a huge passion for flying and at the moment I’m also hoping to create more incentives to empower young entrepreneurs, I wouldn’t rule out a business sponsorship or award scheme for young people.

Lets Fly (Paperback)

Go For It: Be Your Own Boss

 Mr Matthew Martino


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