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1.How did you get started in music ?

 Music was always a staple in my household. I started by jotting down the lyrics to the songs I liked and that evolved into writing my own lyrics. My cousin was a Dj so he would play instrumentals and allow me to record my lyrics over them.

2. Who are some of your musical influences? 

 I like old school artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Frankie Beverly & Maze, KRS 1, Tupac, Nas, Scarface and Andre 3000 because I am more interested in lyrical content.  

 3.If you had to describe your performance style in one word what would that be?


4. What makes you unique? 

 I am authentic. My lyrics are a true expression of my life. I do not make music to conform to the cookie cutter format dictated by the industry because I know that my audience will gravitate towards and appreciate my creativity. 

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5. Who would you like to work with be it producers, artist etc mainstream?
 Lauren Hill, Andre 3000, Anthony Hamilton, Pharrell.

6. Who have you been working with thus far? 

T.I., Field Mob, Bun B, Cee Lo Green, Eight Ball & MJG.

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7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

 In five years I see myself as a wealthy pillar in my community, using my skill set to create jobs, better educate our children through my non profit organization (Sonny Spoon's Village Keeper Project, Inc.), leading initiatives to prevent violence and bullying; Providing a platform for the many talented artists in my hometown to get the proper exposure that they deserve. 

8. Shout outs 

I'd first like to thank Yahweh for giving me a second chance at life. Then I'd like to shout out my GFB(God Family Brotherhood) family Traxskematyx, Breezy Fa' Sho, Chancellor Lucear, Phace Baity, Young Country, 4-Wall, Dewayne Banks, Victor Burke, MPIRE booking agency and everybody that has ever supported our efforts. 



Contact Info
Twitter: @sonnyspoon3000
Instagram: @sonnyspoon3000
Facebook: Sonny Spoon

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