The Rush Blog Interviews *Dynamics Plus* #PhaseShift #RocketScience #UnsignedHype

The Rush Blog Interviews 
*Dynamics Plus*
 #PhaseShift #RocketScience #UnsignedHype
 1. How did you start working on Rocket Science?
Usually, I have several folders that I dump files in, like lyrics or musical sketches and sometimes pictures that I might use. Over time, I see a folder filling up and I know I'm almost ready to start really focusing on a project.

2. What influences you to finish a project?
The first song that really comes out strong. I finished "Phase Shift" and felt like it was time to keep that momentum going. 

3. How do you keep that ball rolling?
I listen to the album as it's being made. I imagine myself getting it and putting it on. I think about recreating my fondest memories associated with getting an album and the experience of taking that trip. I enjoy watching someone listen to one of my albums. They make a scrunched up face when the beat drops. They tilt their head to side which means they are focused on something I'm saying. They crack a smile which means they just hit across a clever lyric. That's what leads me when I'm creating that next work.

4. If you had to describe your style in one word, what would that be?
I'd probably say 'Dynamic' since what I'm doing is always in flux...always changing. There's always more and that's the Plus. 

5. What makes you unique?
Probably the fact that I take so little influence from the current scene. So many people wonder, 'How can you do this, when everyone else is doing that?'
I'm not watching what they are doing. I'm thinking about what would be interesting to do, not what's being done. That removes a lot of limitations.

6. Phase Shift is a unique song, but takes shots at one-hit-wonders.
It's more about appreciating your time and not taking the attention and support for granted. The visual layers are about building a rapper, literally, and seeing how the ups and downs can work against you.

7. You are saying a lot in that video.
Yeah. If you have someone else make you an artist, then someone else can also tell you when you are done. If you create yourself first, then you have something no one can ever take away. When you don't know that, you think 'this lasts forever' and take the blessings for granted. You assume your situation and your relationships, even with fans, won't change.

8. In closing, what are you trying to say with Rocket Science?
Really, I'm just trying to give you a good experience. Some fun, some thinking and something to walk away with. I feel like every time I go away for a while and come back, I'm reintroducing myself and Rocket Science is a fresh start for those that may have never heard of me before. Thanks for taking the time to kick it with me today.

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