~~Kenneth Duchamp~~ 


1. Kenneth Duchamp what sparked your interest in film?

When I was younger it was sort of an escape from reality. For a brief 2 hours or so I could pretend to be anyone I wanted. A dragon slayer or a superhero slinging webs across a city. Eventually it become more than just an escape or entertainment, it became an obsession. I wanted to understand how certain things were created and done so that I could eventually figure out how to tell my own story in the format.

2. Who were some of your influences?

Alfred Hitchcock for one of course! 
I also watched a lot of western films. I loved Sergio Leone and his film "Once Upon a Time in the West". 

3. If you had to describe your producing style what would it be?
Producing is pretty much running things from a business aspect. Operations management and leadership are both critical in this regard. So I suppose the most logical answer would be that my style is one of a business minded individual? I love producing. I've gotten to a place where I can get all of my work for say a short film done right at the desk next to my bed. An entire film will be prepped, funded, shot and edited even if I never meet with anyone but the director. Of course this isn't an every project case and I do regularly work out of offices.

4. Who are some people you would like to work with in the literally community, Hollywood or other?

I would love to connect with more Vietnamese-Americans. Filmmakers and actors. I've been contacted before to produce content for Vietnamese television but I didn't have the time or the resources at the moment unfortunately. I am hoping to revisit it in the near future.

5. Kenneth Duchamp who have you had the pleasure of working with thus far?

I was a 2nd AC on a feature film with Hilary Duff and a couple other stars a few years back. That was fun even though I was not a producer. Can't say I've worked with too many A-list actors as I work primarily in the indie field. I can toss around names of popular indie actors all day however!

I've also done a lot of work in the music industry for various videos/performances/reality shows so I've gotten a chance to meet and work with some pretty cool artists like Snoop Dogg(or Lion), Warren G, Christopher Lawrence to name a few.

 6. Do you have any projects you’re promoting right now?

I recently won a BEST DIRECTOR award for a film titled "To Choose An Ultimatum" at the ACS Film Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. Since I have been tied up with some other projects that I unfortunately have to keep a little hush about! A film that I worked on a few years ago as a line producer titled "We've Got Balls" should finally be hitting the distribution channels soon so that's one to look out for. You can also see me in there for a couple scenes!

7. What is the 5 year plan? What is the future for Kenneth Duchamp?

It's a secret! 


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