"Picaso Swag"


1. How Did You Get Started 
In Music ?  
 As early as 4th grade I had a friend who goes by CK who was already into Music writing lyrics and beat making. I always wanted to play basketball until one day I went into his studio which we called "The Basement" and I asked him to write me some lyrics.When I heard my voice on the track from the first time I sounded like a totally different person , I felt I created my own Super Hero. From that moment I gained a interest not fully committed but I thought to myself this is pretty cool. Stroll ahead of time 6 years later my Big Bro King Jamez who did a 6yr bid in jail was release. I always knew he would be a rapper he rapped a new song to me ever time visit him. Once he met my friend Ck they became best friends , he was in the studio for hours at a time everyday I felt left out so I got in there. After awhile music becomes a passion just the feeling of touching people , talking on issue we was going thru it became apart of expression. 
2. Who are some of your musical
 influences ?

To be honest they change with the time and period , considering who's putting out work at the time , who's touching on the issues and emotions I'm going thru at the time , and last but not least who's pushing the envelope at the time doing something no ones doing making something cool that wasn't . So to name a Few Mos Def, Kayne , King Jamez , Ck, Saint Nick, Missy Elliot , Jay Z , Michael Jackson , James Brown, Biggie, Diddy, Pac, Kendrick, Wiz , Gucci , Future I'm A Fan of The Culture. 

3. If You had to describe your performance style in one word , What will it be ?

Simply : "Captivating" I try to get the people going , it's not all about me up there on the stage, it's about am I giving the people a good time since they paid to see me . 

4. What makes you unique ?

I let my Art imitate Life. I speak on every aspect of my life the nite life partying and women , the hustle being a barber/entrepreneur grinding the pros and cons , the love for my kids my family becoming a man. I'm not just one side I touch on anything that makes me feel , I'm not a numb human I touch on the unfairness of being Black in America. I don't hide behind the mic and catchy music and beats I could give you that and same time be vulnerable and heartfelt. I'm just being myself I look at my style like a good movie you get drugs, sex, and action but and the end of the day you get a moral to the story that's entertaining and essential for life. 

5.Who would you like to work with be it producers, artist etc mainstream ?

Any and every body who's unique creative and could bring something out of me . I don't look at it as favorites cause you never know who could bring what out of your talent and sound. Plus I'm all over the place when it just come to creativity and dope music. I would work with diplo , timbaland , or 808 mafia or Zaytoven . That's where I'm at when it comes to creativity I don't like re-creating the same sound over and over I love having fun and making Dope music. When it come to artist I honest wanna do song with a lot of rappers I grew up listening to on some different shit like Cassidy , Dipset , Siegel , just to name a few that's something I promise I'm going to do. Last but not Least I wanna go on tour and make a mixtape with Wiz.

6.Who have you been working with

 thus Far ?

Thus far I've been working with a team of dope producers Ck , Beezus, SupaWayne , Trademark , Antone, Ray F5 these are all in house guys that believe in my career and I was fortunate enough that they would lend me production to see what I could do with it . These producers gave me the canvas to paint on which have birthed my style that Picaso - Swag. Videographer Ebk, Dada Creative , Fly kite Charles Cg photography. Music Business H3ent . Artist Saint Nick , Ck , Beezus , Zeus , Max , Krazy, Many Goons , All H3 artist I rock with Everybody. 
7.Where do you see yourself in 
five years?

Making A Living As and Independent Artist , Selling Dope Merch , Getting at least $10,000 a Show and just being set to a point I don't have to work no more , I could travel and make money and have enough revenue where I could continue to expand on my Entrepreneurship and own other business that will generate income for Generations on in.

8.What's the Craziest thing you've

 ever done ?

For the music the craziest thing I done was sleep on some one porch cause they would always say I could come to the studio , but on the day of never answer . On This day I knew I had to persist in some type of way so I said fuck it and took a hour long bus ride to the studio. When no one answered the door I was furious and I was thinking this guy gon see me or else so I found a weed man bought some food and just camped out when this guy finally came home, after about 8hrs the headlights from the car pulled into the driveway and that's when I realized I was still right there on a hard ass concrete porch knocked out sleep body numb than a Mf'r lol. 



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