The Rush Blog Interviews JD @jdigtent54 #UnsignedHype #JD #H3Ent #HipHop #FutureStars

The Rush Blog Interviews


#UnsignedHype #JD #H3Ent #HipHop #FutureStars
1.How did you get started in music ?

 I Always had a thing for music love listening to urban hip hop music since I was 6 and at the age of 12 me and one of my big cousins use to play the old cash money records and use to try to freestyle over the songs.And it became repetitive, so by the age of 13 I told myself I think I'm gone take this music serious.And I did I recorded my first real song at 13 every since then I been in love with creating music

2. Who are some of your musical influences? 

Well Of course myself but besides me lil Wayne,drake,T.I,Rick Ross,BOOSIE up north wise Jay z & Jadakiss 

3.If you had to describe your performance style in one word what would that be?


4. What makes you unique?

The way I work in studio,interact with the crowd when I'm on stage performing I make sure the people every individual are important. And that i am giving them all of me when I'm on stage I'm also a family man with a golden heart.I love spending time with my family every chance I get.

5. Who would you like to work with be it producers, artist etc mainstream?

I would like to work with BOOSIE,Rick Ross,T.I,Drake or LIL Wayne when it comes to Artist's, when it comes to producers I would love to work with Nard and B 

6. Who have you been working with thus far?

Rick Frazier from Full Circle Studios,Dj Raylo from Palm Beach County that's major on the underground level,Papa Duck, DJ Smacksilly that's Gunplay from MMG Road DJ, Randy from H3 Entertainment and besides those individuals I just named, I just been working on myself creating great music trying to build my brand bigger then what it already is.

 7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I honestly see myself on the Mainstream level working with Major Artist's & Producer's creating great Music for the world to hear in the next 5 years.

8. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? 

I got into a few fist fights coming up but there were for personal reason's for those actions I took Nobody mess with FAM you know.

 Exclusive Music 
 "Clean Walk"

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