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The Rush Blog Interviews 


#H3Ent #Mogul #FutureStars #Chitown #TheRush

1. Introduce yourself and let the world know your name and what you do?

I am Showcase, I represent Chicago and run H3 Entertainment, one of the city's leading event planning & service providing companies for brands and artists.

2.How long have you been in the music business and when did you start?

This year makes it five years that I have been running my own company (H3). I got my start in the industry in 2008 interning for other music companies and throwing college parties.

3. What does H3Ent stand for?

Humble, Hungry, Hustler. Which I feel are the three key essential traits that any person trying to be in this industry needs to have. You have to be humble, because no one wants to work with an arrogant individual and you also have to be ready to see others succeed before you. You have to remain hungry because there is so much to achieve in this business. You must be a hustler because there are no handouts in the industry.

4. Are you currently managing and/or looking for new artist?
I am not currently managing anyone, but I am consulting for over 15 artists and 5 rising brands right now.
Since we provide a lot of marketing and promotional services that artists don't have, we are always signing up new talent. 

5. What are the qualities you look for in an artist?

They have to be hungry, humble, hustlers! To elaborate, they have to have the 'It' factor. That is when fans want to be you or believe you.

6. In your mind what are the keys to running a successful management/promotional company?

Communication is huge. So many times, I have artists that just want to be a part of what I have going on and they don't understand that my job is to help them build their own
platform. They want to bring me on as a 'yes' man instead of a partner to work along side. So for starters, I always stress to them the importance of keeping me in the loop.  

7. Where do you see H3 in 5 years?

Looking how far we have come in the 5 years since we started, I can honestly say the sky is the limit. We have worked with Def Jam, Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, and a host of popular artists in Chicago and throughout the industry. With that being said, I don't know where we will be, but I am very optimistic for what the future holds.

8. Who are some of your influences?

Quincy Jones, Steve Lobel, John Monopoly, Bo Beniz, Steve Stoute, and anybody out there who is making nothing into something. That could be common folk.

9. What makes a mogul? Do you feel you have what it takes?

I think I have already accomplished that, even though I have more goals to achieve for myself. I think a mogul is someone who not only makes a way for themselves but for others. I measure my success by how many other people are successful as well because of my platform. 

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