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~Safe 2 Meet~

1. What exactly is "Safe 2 meet? What Service do you provide?

Safe2Meet is a new product of Safe2Meet, LLC (OMI). Beta testing will be completed by Q3 of 2016; the soft launch is slated for July of 2016. is an online platform that provides self-certification services in the form of an online background check that leverages both traditional databases for searching for criminal activity, establishing identity, new forms of social data, and tracked online activity that together build a confidence or credibility index that an online shopper, buyer, or profile owner is who they say they are. The platform also allows those certified users to associate on and offline activity to their profile to prove that certain activities were actually conducted by them. Finally, Safe2Meet will facilitate peer-to-peer 3rd party validation, allowing actors in an online transaction to initiate a validation prior to conducting business or any other interaction with someone they’ve encountered online.

2. What makes your company stand out from competitor's? 

The Safe2Meet value proposition lies in its ability to provide a platform for self-certification that leverages a number of data stores and identity data points to provide a solid level of accuracy for both identifying an individual and evaluating their level of credibility based on a number of key factors. Tying that validation to internet activity greatly increases the probability that online transactions, interactions, etc., can be conducted as safely as possible.  Safe2Meet will enjoy a number of significant, competitive advantages over its competitors, including the following: There isn’t currently a solution on the market exactly like Safe2Meet The solution, Safe2Meet, uses public record, social graph and other data repositories to validate an identity, length-of-time information to establish credibility, and then ties activities online to that verified, credible identity Safe2Meet also allows users to initiate the same kind of verification for third parties whom they wish to do business with Safe2Meet solves the problem of trust on the internet Safe2Meet creates a seamless automated solution for self-identifying and self-validation of online and offline activities once the algorithm is patented, Safe2Meet may be able to leverage it as a differentiator Because the ‘credibility rating’ component of the system depends on length-of-time information the platform creates an inherent stickiness that will make it difficult for users to transition to another solution easily

3. Give the readers a little background on your company?

People use the internet for most aspects of life, both business and personal. People buy and sell products and services online and offline, date and network online and conduct business online. However, there is no easy way to know who to trust! Meeting people you’ve contacted via the internet is not always safe! There is also currently not an easy, comprehensive, data-driven mechanism for voluntarily pronouncing that you as an individual are legitimate and can be trusted. The most prevalent example of this problem is buying and selling on Craigslist. The news is full of stories everyday of people who have been scammed, or even worse attacked or murdered by someone they met on Craigslist, either for an innocent financial transaction, or for a social interaction. To date, the only solutions that have been offered up have been vague advice about what to look for in an online posting, and how to choose safe public places to meet. This is all good advice, but it does nothing to gauge the intent of those who use tools like Craigslist to target innocent people. Safe2Meet does just that. It allows individuals to voluntarily validate and document both their identity and their record of on and offline activity in a way that builds a credibility index that in some ways mirrors the credit file information that provides the input into a FICO or BEACON score, for example. Solution, Safe2Meet solves the problem of anonymity on the web. You Are Who You Say You Are, You Did What It Says You Did! Safe2Meet will be positioned as a solution to the problem of anonymity online; consumers who wish to transact with strangers will leverage Safe2Meet to distinguish themselves from those who would use websites like or dating sites to find unsuspecting victims. Key Members of the Company/Management Patricia Wilson-Smith, CEO, Online Media Interactive, 25 Year technology veteran, Masters of Information technology, executive-level experience in high-volume transaction environments. Matthew Watson, CTO, Former CTO of InComm, current Principal at Infinite IQ Consulting, a professional services firm focused on delivery of Big Data solutions. D. Keith Calhoun, Advisory Board Member, Former CEO, Purchasing Power, Law Degree from Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. Currently serves as Executive Advisor at Forté Ventures, and on the Board of Trinity House and Global Health Action. Sayu Abend, Advisory Board Member, CEO, SpacePointe – over 16 years of successful experience in product strategy, product innovation and management leadership for high-value enterprise software.Tony Suber, Advisory Board Member, Managing Partner, Suber Capital Investments, University of Notre Dame. Entrepreneur and high net worth relationship management professional with 18+ years of comprehensive operations, sales, and relationship management experience.

4. Why do customers need "Safe 2 Meet" ?  

 * Online/Offline Buyers: I want to buy something on or offline and need to verify that the person I am buying from is real and get a sense that it is safe to do business with this person 

* Online/Offline Sellers: I want to sell something on or offline and want to assure my buyer that I am real and safe to do business with

*Online Daters: I am on a dating site and looking to meet someone. I will feel much better if I had a way of knowing that this person is real and has a history that makes me feel safe about him

* Service Providers: I am a nanny and looking to get work online. I want to give my potential employer a sense that I am safe to hire

* Employer of Service Providers: I am looking for care for my elderly mother and need to get assurance that this person has been verified as being real and has a history that makes me feel safe

* Standard Employers: I am looking to hire an accountant and I want to know that he has a verified identity and confirm that he does not have a criminal background

5. Are there any other companies your affiliated with? 

No, our technology partners are LexisNexis, OnFido, and Amazon Web Services


6. What is the 5 year plan for "Safe 2 Meet"? 

To grow our subscriber base, and evolve our platform to provide additional value to our customers. We think we can be a multi-million dollar comp on any in the next five year.
7. Why should customers choose your services over the competition? 

Safe2Meet will be the first platform to provide 100% application agnostic verification services on a peer to peer basis.

8. Any testimonials? 

Our platform will launch this Summer. We are gearing up for an Indiegogo campaign to finish the platform

9. What's the ultimate goal for your clients? 

We believe that people between the ages of 18-24 who use classified ad sites to buy home services that require offline interactions with strangers will use the Safe2Meet platform, because it will ensure safer encounters and reduce the risk of fraud."

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